Sunday, September 2, 2012

game critiques

For my game design class I have to critique 10 games, so I will start  from my favorite to least.

  number 1  Mass Effect

      This is my  number one favorite game as of late. when I say mass effect I mean all three, because I believe it is the whole trilogy that is good. If you just play one of the games you only get a third of the story. you don't get to grow with the characters or get excited when you learn a new trick. placing the graphics aside, the story line is one of the best I've played. Its very intricate and the smallest decision you make can affect the future greatly. Also all of the endless possibilities you can choose from make you wanna play each game more than once. (I've played each game 3 times). the color concepts and the worlds you travel to are well thought out and intricate. overall a well rounded game.
                   number 2 Skyrim
         I admit when I first saw someone playing this game I thought that it was boring and not all that interesting to play. Then a friend loaned it to me over summer and I instantly loved it. the color pallet of the game is not as bright  as the games I usually play but worked very well to portray the times back then and gave a good feel to the game. the endless mapping and caves make you rack on the hours and the endless powers you can gain make it ten times more fun to beat your opponent.

number 3 The Twilight princess
      When I say Twilight princess I mean for the game cube, the original. I practically played the crap out of this game. the story line is awesome, the fact that you get to play half of the game as a wolf is pretty cool in my book. the fact that you collect all of the items that your searching for and then you think the game is over, but you keep playing.    
                      number 4 assassins creed
   I mostly like this game for the parkouring and the intricate story line. the way the story line follows history is a nice extra, and the way the world is constructed is really sweet, they put detail in everything when they thought up this game.
 Number 5 Soul Caliber
  Specifically SC 2 and 4 are my faves. I love it cause of all of the combos and Im completely biased twords Cervantes.

 Number 6 Shadow of the Colossus
To put it simply, this game is simple and to the point. Anyone who wants to just beat up bosses all day this is the game for you. the bigger they are the harder they fall.

number 7 katamari damacy
Again another simple game, the object of the game roll over everything you see!!!!!!
The colors are a refreshing bright pallet which you don't see often, kinda pastelly.

                                                                                           number 8 Mario Cart Double Dash
The maps are Diverse and keep you interested.  

number 9 BlazBlue  
This game uses 2d to its fullest. from the characters to the backgrounds.

number 10 Tetris
simply its addicting. 


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