Tuesday, February 28, 2012

D4m group proj update

For the group project we are doing a staff year book, but instead of the same old boring smile and stare at the camera. We are giving it flare by showing the teachers personality. My role will be to interview all of the teachers we are using for the year book.

so here is the list of media studies staff
Anderson. G
Belland. C
Benine. S
Boatman. J
Eisenmann. J
Entis. J
Fitzpatrick. M
Friz. A
Grose. D
Hayakawa. H
Loffelt. H
Homan. E
Houghton. M
Kellet. B
Kenny. P
Kouzoujani. K
Leeman. R
Martin. D
Miller. M
Mohr. M
Petrochuck. K
Richner. T
Robbins. T
Schwartz. B
Snyder. D
Scirocco. A
Ulliman. S

some questions Ill be asking are:
-What are some of your hobbies that you do out side of school?
- What did you do before you started teaching?
- What type of art work do you do in your spare time?

That type stuff, you know playing the Barbra Walters role.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Man first time rigging ever. who ever invented this system? it takes the fun out of animation. none the less gotta learn it, and I will get good at it (fist shake) for now its and arm and a bunny foot.


Had to inbetween, clean up and color Radcliffe from Pocahontas. Man it was hard!!!!!! learned a lot though.

3d room

These are some pics/ light tests of my room that I have to model for computer animation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Idea for group project

After thinking long and hard I am purposing an animatic about a hobo finding a place to live. The only requirements for the group is, people that are familiar with storyboard pro and draw alot. Will need 4 people for this project.

Monday, February 20, 2012

animation to sound 2

in my animation 2 class we had to animate to sound again.
Personally I think I did better this time than the first.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

final product "supposedly"

This is going to be my final piece, unfortunately time has gotten the better of me. They turned out a lot better than my first drawings.
Here's the names of the characters from left to right.
The Muralist: he's Polynesian, carries around his Gatling gun to paint beautiful pieces of background art, and if you happen to get in the way you'll be part of the piece.
The Pillager: he ninjas himself across the field to where the enemy is and steals all of their spare ammo then he fills his bombs and hits you when you least expect it.
The Perfectionist: she always waits till the last minute to strike, and takes her time to find the perfect spot to snipe from.
The Curator: the head honcho of the group. He organizes the fights and always puts on a good show.
The Tagger: this guy is quick and efficient. He gets in, shoots the hell out of you and then runs away.
The Critic: she's never satisfied. If she sees you she will tear you to shreds with her "critiques".
non-photo blue sketches of my final.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

gpf update

finished drawing out what their gonna look like for the most part. struggling a little bit with the color part, but trying to find a way to make them cohesive.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

more ideas and revisions

sigh..... well lets just say its not easy to revise a character. I've started to change them around and add more of a back story to them . The girl is particularly hard because I suck at drawing girls. for the most part I was just playing around with her face and hair, not much head way there. I gave her the nickname "the perfectionist" I thought it fit with being a sniper. There's always that one person that cant stop working on a piece of art till everything is absolutely presteen.
this fella right here, Im gonna replace with one of my older ideas. hes biased off of a Hawaiian or Polynesian. originally I just had him wearing a smock but then someone gave me the idea of a grass skirt and tada! ammo packs!!!! way more stylish. I gave him the name the muralist because he likes to paint on empty walls and make master pieces AKA shooting people half to death.