Wednesday, February 1, 2012

more ideas and revisions

sigh..... well lets just say its not easy to revise a character. I've started to change them around and add more of a back story to them . The girl is particularly hard because I suck at drawing girls. for the most part I was just playing around with her face and hair, not much head way there. I gave her the nickname "the perfectionist" I thought it fit with being a sniper. There's always that one person that cant stop working on a piece of art till everything is absolutely presteen.
this fella right here, Im gonna replace with one of my older ideas. hes biased off of a Hawaiian or Polynesian. originally I just had him wearing a smock but then someone gave me the idea of a grass skirt and tada! ammo packs!!!! way more stylish. I gave him the name the muralist because he likes to paint on empty walls and make master pieces AKA shooting people half to death.


  1. i LOVE the shape of the muralist. He feels like he could really exist in space, and that gravity is really weighing down on him. :D keep going!!!

    1. hey, sorry one more thing. You should reference my friend, Isuri Merenchi Hewage for great shapey designs